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Den kan virkelig anbefales. Den er unikt i at vise aspekter ved strøm, vejr, afmærkninger, beregninger af retning, hastighed, etc. etc., som vi kan og bør nyttiggøre os som roere i de danske farvand. - Tor Hernes

"This book is a really useful tool for kayakers IPP3 upwards, it has all the essential information in a wonderful format. It can be used both on land and on the water.” - Anni Grøndal

Tidal Adventures Coastal Kayak Pocket Book

Embark on a maritime adventure like never before with "The Coast Kayak Pocket Book" – your essential guide to mastering the waves in the palm of your hand. This A5-sized resource is not just a book; it's a waterproof companion crafted on durable plastic pages, ensuring your sea kayaking experience remains uninterrupted by the elements.

Navigate with ease using comprehensive tidal data, expert navigation tips, and vital weather information conveniently packed within these pages. But that's not all – flip to the back for an integrated navigation plotter, allowing you to map your course with precision.

Available in both English and Danish, "The Coast Kayak Pocket Book" transcends language barriers, inviting enthusiasts from all backgrounds to join the exploration. Don't just paddle; navigate confidently with the perfect companion – your pocket-sized passport to seamless sea kayaking adventures taking you to the next level!

What is in the Pocket Book?

  • Speed and distance calculations
  • Speed and distance estimations
  • Tidal flow charcteristics
  • Clouds and weather information
  • VHF radio frequency tables
  • Hypothermia management
  • Simplified Bretton plotter
  • Measurement scales
  • Wind estimation tools
  • UV Index
  • Wind-chill tables
  • Expedition planning checklist
  • Emergency contact details
  • Summoning help procedures
  • Reciprocal bearings
  • Rule of twelfths
  • 50/90 rule
  • Distance conversion tables
  • Beaufort table
  • Ships signals/lights


At first glance, the Coastal Kayak Pocket book looks like a book of tables, but look closer and you will find other features that can help you with navigating. The corners of each page have a 10mm scale so you can use them to help measure from charts.

Many pages have a finer scale marked in 1mm and 5mm graduations.

Emergency contact detail spaces are put on the front page, so anyone needing to contact your nearest and dearest can find their details at a glance.

There are spaces to insert your MMSI and call sign, so in the event of emergency you have a ready written Mayday procedure.

The chart plotter on the back page is a real tool for navigation, so you can use this in the cockpit of your kayak. The plotter has all the features you would expect of a navigation tool, scales, compass bearings and similar.

If you get a hole in your kayak - you can even take a page from the book and use it as a patch.

How to Use

1. On-Water Navigation:

  • Take the book with you on your kayaking adventures as a navigational tool
  • Use it to quickly reference key information while out on the water
  • Use the plotter to plot your course

2. Training Preparation:

  • Prepare for your IPP3/4/5 courses with the valuable insights and information provided in the pocket book
  • Leverage its content to reinforce your understanding of essential skills and safety measures

3. Aid Memoir:

  • Utilize the pocket book as an aid memoir, allowing you to refresh your memory on crucial kayaking techniques and concepts

4. Instructional Material:

  • Use the book's instructional content to enhance your kayaking skills
  • Use it as a reference guide for teaching and sharing knowledge with fellow kayakers

5. Trip Planning:

  • Prepare for multiday expeditions or casual picnic trips by consulting the book for valuable tips and recommendations
  • Benefit from the comprehensive information on tides, currents, and coastal features to plan a safe and enjoyable journey

6. Emergency Repair Patch:

  • In case of a damaged kayak, use the pocket book as a makeshift patch for a holed kayak

Make the Coastal Kayak Pocket Book an essential companion for your kayaking adventures, providing valuable insights and practical assistance for various aspects of your journey.

Caring For Your book

Your Coastal Kayak Pocket Book is designed to withstand the challenges of your kayaking adventures, but a little care goes a long way. Follow these simple steps to ensure the longevity of your book:

1. Waterproof, Not Indestructible:

  • While your pocket book is waterproof, it's important to remember that it's not indestructible. Treat it with care to maintain its durability over time.

2. Rinse After Use:

  • After each use, give your book a thorough rinse with fresh water. This helps remove any salt or debris that might have accumulated during your journey.

3. Proper Drying Technique:

  • To prevent pages from sticking together, adopt the right drying technique. Place the book on its side and open the pages like a fan, allowing air to circulate and ensuring each page dries thoroughly.

4. Avoid Direct Sunlight and Extreme Conditions:

  • While the book is resilient, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or extreme conditions may impact its performance. Store it in a cool, dry place when not in use to protect it from unnecessary wear.

5. Handle with Care:

  • To maintain the cleanliness of your book, handle it with clean hands. This prevents transferring oils, dirt, or sunscreen onto the pages, ensuring a clear and readable guide.

By adopting these simple care practices, you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of your Coastal Kayak Pocket Book for many adventures to come. Remember, a little care ensures that your guide remains an invaluable resource on every kayaking journey.

Pricing and Delivery

The Coastal Kayak Pocket Book is available for 260 DKK per copy plus postage (50dkk in Denmark) inclusive of taxes.

Orders for groups of 5 or more copies will receive a 10% discount

Overseas orders are priced at 260 DKK per copy as converted on the day of order. Postage rates will vary. Import duties and bank charges are not included.


We have developed some equipment packs for sea kayakers. Our kits are packaged in durable mylar pouches for extreme durability and water-tight protection*

  • Emergency patch kit*
  • Emergency beach landing kit*
    • Thermal blanket
    • Fire lighters
    • Windproof matches
    • etc.

If you need something packing to your own specification, contact us. Other customers have had thermal clothing packaged, ready for immediate use. We can put together ration packs, package batteries, electronics, all sorts of things.  

*Do not open the kit until it is required for use. Avoid puncture and abrasion.

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